Holy Spirit Community Prayer

  • Family: Mr. & Mrs. Abel Velazquez

    Our start of every morning before starting work!!!
    I'm asking everyone to  pray for our work crew and our Families!! (Methodist Family Clinic in Duncanville)
    "Lord we come to you to guide and protect us from all evil and harm. We leave all are stress and anxiety in your hands!! Help us provide the care to all our patients in need. Although it has been rough I only ask that you continue to guide us and protect everyone who is being treated. Lord, help us come home from a long day of work and leave it all in your hands Lord!! It has been a long couple of weeks but I know this to shall pass!! In your holy name I pray."

  • Family: Buschow

    The prayer space of Director of Youth Ministry Devyn Buschow


  • Family: Callender

    Billy Callender (grandpa) and his granddaugther Lilly recite the Rosary together almost 
    every evening via FaceTime.

  • Prayer before Work

  • Prayer Space

    The pryaer space of Director of Youth Ministry Devyn Buschow
  • Generations in Prayer